Google Trends Best Free Keyword Planner


Google Trends Best Free Keyword Planner

Google Trends, Article Writer or a Blogger are familiar with this name.  Because Google Trends helps them find new keywords every day.  Yes, Google Keyword Planner is also a Keyword Finder Tool, but it shows keywords according to Monthly Searches.  Many people have news blogs, how can they search for news related keywords every day.  So this Google Trends helps those frustrated bloggers.  Google Trends shows us a report of what people are searching on Google from 12 months to Past One Hour ago.

Trending Search can be seen in all countries in Google Trends, which makes it possible to blog about what happened in other countries.  Along with Trending Search, Real Time Search also shows.  In Real Time Search, Business, Entertainment, Health, Sci, Tech, Sports Category.

If you do some Search on Google Trends, Ex - "blog" will show all Realtime data from past 12 months to past One Hour.  In which country this word is being searched more, a report is also presented.  Yes, 100 search terms are shown here, but if you scroll down a little, you will find Blog Related Topic & Blog Related Queries.

This Related Queries shows how many people have searched in the past 7 days, related keywords.  Here you will find a word called Breakout, that means people have searched for that word the most.