Listen and Win Echo buds Answers & Win Echo buds

Recently the e-commerce platform Amazon India (Amazon India) has launched a new Quiz called ‘Listen and Win Echo buds’ (Listen and Win Echo buds Quiz) along with daily shopping. Customers from different parts of the country will be able to participate and win Echo buds. The game will be live until 31st August 2022 and a total of One winners will be selected, the agency said.

In this case, in order to win the prize, those interested should participate in the quiz every day as soon as possible. There will be five questions, participants will have to answer all the questions correctly and their names will be selected through a lucky draw. The winner will probably be announced on or before 31st October, 2022.

    Listen and Win Echo buds

    How to play ‘Listen and Win Echo buds’?

    1. First download the Amazon app from Google Play Store or App Store.

    2. Now ‘sign up’ with the required information.

    3. Select the 'Funzone' option from the menu section.

    4. Click on the 'Listen and Win Echo buds' banner and start answering questions quickly.

    Q1). Tap the mic icon and ask, "Alexa, start besabar from Originals". And choose the first line of the song from below

    a) Run away, run away

    b) Rat bhar, yeh safar

    Answer  - (a) Run away, run away

    ▪ Tap the mic icon and ask, "Alexa, start besabar from Originals" Run away, run away.

    Q2). Starting price of Echo Dot this Prime day is?

    a) More than Rs. 2499

    b) Less than Rs. 2499

    Answer  - (b) Less than Rs. 2499

    ▪ Starting price of Echo Dot this Prime day is Less than Rs. 2499.

    Q3). What makes music better with Alexa device?

    a) Bluetooth control

    b) Great sound quality

    c) Hands-free control of music

    d) All of the above

    Answer  - (d) All of the above

    ▪ Bluetooth control, Great sound quality & Hands-free control of music makes music better with Alexa device.

    Q4). HP Pavilion laptops have Alexa built-in?

    a) True

    b) False

    Answer  - (a) True

    ▪ Its True that HP Pavilion laptops have Alexa built-in.

    Disclaimer:- This All of Question & Image Collected from Listen and Win Echo buds.

    Listen and Win Echo buds Answers

    Q1) Answer - (a) Run away, run away

    Q2) Answer - (b) Less than Rs. 2499

    Q3) Answer - (d) All of the above

    Q4) Answer - (a) True


    1. This Contest will commence on 6th July 2022 from 02:00:00 p.m. to 31st August 2022, 11:59:00 p.m. (IST) ("Contest Period") 

    2. In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the App (" App"). 

    3. Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 4 (four) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period. 

    4. Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly. 

    5. The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 1 participant(s) will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots. 

    6. The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning Echo buds (hereinafter referred to as "Prize(s)"). 

    7. Each winner will be eligible for winning one Prize under this Contest only.