How to Create a Second Gmail Account in 2022 ?


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Have you forgotten your first Gmail account or don't remember your password?  So you want to create a second Gmail account.  When a Gmail account is required for any kind of scholarship or work, we create a Gmail account.  Then we forget to note that Gmail Id & Password.

It may not be known that the Gmail account created for some time will be available later.  So today you want to create Second Gmail Account.  So today through this article I will tell you How to Create a Second Gmail Account ?

How to Create a Second Gmail Account ? 

To create a second Gmail account, you must first open Google on any Android browser.

1. After opening Google, write "sign up gmail account" & search.

2. Scroll a little and you will see a website called "Sign in Google Accounts", click on that site.

3. A new page will open, there you will find the option "Create Account", click on that option.

4. After clicking on Create Account option, you will get three options, For Myself, For My Child, To Manage My Business.

For Myself :- If you want to create a Gmail Account for yourself, then choose the For Myself Option.

For My Child :- If you want to create a Gmail Account for your child, then choose the For My Child option.

To Manage My Business :- If you want to create Gmail for Business Purpose, then choose this option.

Here I will choose For Myself Option and show the next step.

5. Then you will get a new page where your name, Email you want to create, and Password click on Next Button.

6. After clicking on Next Button you will get another page where select your Mobile Number, Date of Birth & Gender and click on Next Button.

7. On the next page you will find the Terms & Conditions for creating a Google Account, you can read it if you want, otherwise scroll down and click on I Agree Button.

Get your Gmail account ready.  If you want to note your Gmail Id then go to Account/ Personal Information Option and scroll down and you will see your Gmail id under Contact Information.