How to Create an Amazon Wish List in 2022 ?


How to Create an Amazon Wish List in 2022 ?

Amazon is an E-commerce Shopping Platform.  Where every day new Men & Women Clothes, Shoes, Furniture and many more things are present in this E-commerce Amazon Platform.  It is an online platform through which we shop for our essentials.  But there are also times when we don't have the money we have received, as a result of which the likes of Mobile, Laptop or something else are left out of hand.  After some time without it, when we try to find that good thing, it disappears.  So if all those things could be saved in a list, then it would be convenient to search a lot.  Many people may know that Amazon has an option called Wish List.  Where we can add our necessary things to Wish List.  But many people don't know how to create an amazon wish list, so let's find out....

1. How to Create an Amazon Wish List ? 

You must create an Amazon Account to create an Amazon Wish List.  It is very important.  Because if you don't create an account, you can't create a wish list.

1. Open Official Website or Amazon App.  Then click on Account Icon.

2. After clicking on the Account Icon, you will see an option called Your Wish List, click on that option.

4. After clicking on Your Wish List Option, click on Create a Wish List Option.

5. After clicking Create Wish List, you will get a pop window, enter the name of your wish list here.  You can make separate Wish List if you want.

▪ After writing the name of Wish List click on Create List Button.

6. Now your wish list is created.  You can manage this Wish List if you want.

▪ Click on 3 dots right above to manage Wish List.

7. After clicking on 3 dots click on Manage List Option.

8. After clicking Manage List, you will get a window.

a) Here you can change the name of your wish list.

b) If you want to show your Wish List to Public then you can go to Privacy Option and choose Public Option from Private.

c) You can add email & date of birth if you want.

d) You can give adress in wish list.

After changing everything, click on the Save Changes option.

2. How to Add Clothes or any things in your Wish List?

Suppose you like a laptop, and you want to add it to your wish list, then open that laptop page and scroll down.

 i) Here you will get an Add to Wish List option, click on it.

 ii) Then all your created Wish List will show, you click on Wish List according to Category.  As soon as you click, your laptop will be added to the wish list.